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The Ember Blade

The Ember Blade by Chris Wooding

This book made me feel young again.A great coming of age story and a classic old school epic fantasy it took me back to my early teens when I avidly consumed everything from the Dragonlance Chronicles to the Belgariad to the Wheel of Time.It is also refreshingly uncynical,heartfelt and hopeful as well as gripping.Aren and Cade are two young men growing up together in a small seaside town in an occupied land,one a noble’s son,the other a carpenter’s but best friends when they fall foul of the Krodan Empire and end up in a prison camp from which they escape and go on a perilous journey with an unlikely fellowship of outcast rebels led by the mysterious Hollow Man and stalked by dreadknights. It sounds derivative bit it mixes the classic tropes into something fresh and the sequence set in the haunted hidden fortress of Skavengard injects horror into the mix and is genuinely scary.

Five stars